Hello, Friends

This page was once called the future of truth, but that was a bit pretentious. All this is today is a starting place for the ideas which drive me, and which I hope to develop and share with the world.


I believe humanity's future is one of abundance. Most of humanity's accomplishments have been in navigating scarcity. Food is scarce so we invent methods of preservation, temperate land is scarce so we build skyward. Transportation is scarce so we domesticate animals and eventually invent the automobile. What we refer to as modern society is, in fact, mostly a set of systems optimized to reduce scarcity and maximize choice. All of capitalism is focused on creating effecient mecahnisms for determining which goods and services to produce, how many of each to produce, and how to allocate them. I believe the next step in human development will be learning how to organize our lives around the reality that the things we need and want are no longer scarce.

The work of W. Brian Arthur describes how the economics of software differ significantly from that of the traditional, physical economy. Specifically he talks about the lack of diminishing returns on goods, and the network effect which tends to lead to gains consolidating in a smaller number of market players. Consider Marc Andreeson's famous quote "software is eating the world" (or, his recent reinforcement that software is _still_ eating the world 5 years later) and you should already be thinking about how the unconventional economics of software will affect the economy itself as digital services pervade into every aspect of economic activity.

I don't claim to have a perfect - or even complete - picture of what a future of human abundance will look like. All I claim to have is a clear and internally consistent picture of what I believe the future will look like and an ability. What I mean to do through this website and the applications it will spawn is generate increasingly granular theories for what the next steps in human development might look like if my view of the world is correct, then try to map out technologies, business models, and products which can ride those forces as well as make opinionated decisions about where we want to drive the small portion of civilization we all touch through our own actions.

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